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Factors When Moving

Factors When Moving

In Minnesota, moving to a new home or apartment community is considered an essential and necessary activity. However, the decision to move  – especially in the time of COVID-19 – must be made cautiously and undertaken with care and planning.

If you've decided to move, there are several factors that come into play, including whether to do it on your own or to hire professional movers. The advantage in hiring professionals include eliminating the stresses of renting a truck, sourcing boxes, and not placing friends or relatives in the position of having to carry, load, and unload furniture and other heavy items. This is especially important these days.


If you hire professionals, here are considerations to bear in mind in evaluating movers: 

- Check references and be sure to work with a highly rated company.
- Ask how COVID-19 has altered their day-to-day operation.
- Be sure all crewmembers will wear masks and have their own supply of gloves and hand sanitizer.
- Avoid paperwork by completing necessary contract forms online.
- Pay and tip with a credit card to avoid personal interaction.
- Limit the number of people in your home or apartment during the move.
- Maintain the correct social distance from the movers at all times.

Once your items have been moved to your new home, let the boxes sit for a few days before you unpack them. If you need access more quickly, wipe the boxes down with a clean rag and open them with a sharp blade. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently throughout this process and remember to not touch your face. 

As long as you take the CDC's guidelines into account you can enjoy a seamless move and begin an exciting new chapter in your life.